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Come as a family or as a group and discover the epic past of Tête de Moine. A fantastic story spanning over 800 years and brought to life through visits to our cheese dairies

An interactive exhibition will awaken your senses and unveil the secrets that make Tête de Moine AOP a cheese unlike any other. On offer at all three sites: the making of Tête de Moine AOP cheese (old-style production upon request at Bellelay), film, interactive exhibition, smelling samples, discovery box, magic Girolle cheese-cutting tool, drawing workshop, souvenir photo, shop.

Visit a cheese dairy !
As family or with freinds, discover with conviviality a world of flavours and passion for the manufacturing of an exceptional cheese.
From milk to cheese
Admire the know-how of the cheese maker, the beauty of the movement which gives to Tête de Moine AOP its unique character and particular flavour.
Storage and maturing
Ripened a minimum of 2.5 monthes for the Tête de Moine AOP CLASSIC, your choice may as well change to the Tête de Moine RESERVE, spicier with a longer ripening time of min. 4 monthes.